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Welcome to the Dance Stories Company: Where Movement Becomes Art

At Dance Stories, we believe that every step tells a story. Our contemporary dance company is dedicated to weaving tales, sparking emotions, and inspiring audiences through the powerful language of dance. Welcome to a world where movement transcends boundaries and speaks to the soul.


Our Vision

🌟 Unleash Creativity: Dance is an art form that knows no limits. It’s a canvas where creativity knows no bounds. At Dance Stories, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of contemporary dance to create captivating narratives that leave audiences spellbound.

🌈 Emotion in Motion: Emotions are the heartbeats of our stories. We infuse every movement with raw, authentic emotion to create a visceral connection between our dancers and the audience.

💃 Celebrate Diversity: Our dance stories celebrate the richness of human experiences. We believe in the power of diversity and inclusivity, both in our company and in the stories we tell.


Our Story

Dance Stories was born from a passion for dance and a desire to share stories that move people. Founded by Anita Seiverth, our journey began just a few month ago with a simple belief: dance can change lives. Our commitment to this belief has shaped us and leads us to our innovative choreographies and storytelling prowess.


What Sets Us Apart

🌟 Participatory Choreographies: Our dancers are artists and co-creators in a creative choreographic journey. Together they bring unique, evocative sequences to our dance pieces that captivate and engage.

👥 Inclusive Community Dance: Our ensemble of amateur dancers spans all levels and ages, from passionate beginners to advanced dance artists, each bringing a unique perspective to our storytelling.

🌆 Expressive Performance: Whether on stage or screen, our performances are known for their creativity, emotion, and connection.


Our Offerings

👯‍♀️ Performances: Experience the magic of Dance Stories live. Our performances are a journey into the heart of our narratives, where you become part of the story.

🕺 Workshops: Discover the joy of contemporary dance through our Dance Theatre workshops. We offer inclusive and participative sessions for all ages and levels, nurturing creative dancing heads.

📽️ Collaborations: We collaborate with musicians and artists to bring our stories to life in various mediums.


Join Our Journey

Whether you’re an audience member looking to be moved, a dancer eager to learn, or a creative soul seeking collaboration, we invite you to join our journey. Let’s create, inspire, and write new Dance Stories together: contact us!

Insights In Our Work

  • Season 2022/23: “Bloom”

Flyer Bloom - Dance Stories Company