Talking About Life’s Adventures – The Portraitnoir Podcast

by Anita Seiverth
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Thomas Staehler and Anita Seiverth

In July I had the honor of being a guest on Thomas Stähler’s Portraitnoir Podcast. Curious about what the interview is about? Get a cup of tea and just sit back. You’ll get a little insight into my recent adventures in life:

Together with my husband and our two children, we emigrated to Barcelona and left a lot of things to do with luxury behind in Germany. We started to separate ourselves from meaningless things in life and I gave up a crisis-proof job to dedicate more time to my true love dancing

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> Listen to The Portraitnoir Podcast Interview with Anita Seiverth

@Portraitnoir: Thank you very much for the exiting interview, dear Thomas! It was a lot of fun talking to you 🙂


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