Contemporary Dance – Adults

The regular contemporary dance training is offered at dance stories on all levels.

Beginner class

Beginner classes introduce the basic concepts and techniques of contemporary dance. Beginners acquire their basic dance knowledge in a creative way and through their own physical experience. Movement techniques and strategies are worked out with a lot of time using small combinations, so that a larger movement repertoire and improved dance skills are quickly established. Correct posture and active injury prevention are important parts of the training, prevent signs of wear and tear and provide a basis for any other dance training that you may wish to attend subsequently.

Intermediate class

The intermediate levels systematize the training and create space for even more dancing through a regularly updated warm-up that remains the same over a period of time. The combinations are more challenging and complex, but are rehearsed in small chunks over several weeks. The participants are coached individually, both in the warm-up and in the combination, taking into account their own physical requirements.
This class promotes your individual skills and introduces you to new challenges.


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