Creative Contemporary Dance – Kids/Teens

Creative Dance Kids

Creative Dance (3-5 years)

From the age of 3-4 years, the children are continuously promoted and trained in creative movement and dance in continuous groups.
In the creative children’s dance of the preschool children, the little ones are playfully introduced to rhythm and basic dance forms. With dance stories and pictures suitable for children, the first exercises are learned, the entire movement repertoire is explored and dances are created together.
The competence acquired here will help your child in his or her personal development.

A lively exchange with the parents is important to me, which is why I offer regular parent talks.


Creative Contemporary Dance (6-10 years)

Creative contemporary dance for elementary school children and contemporary dance for teenagers and young people builds on the dance and movement repertoire they have learned and at the same time integrates newcomers.
Expressing contemporary dance dynamics, grasping and implementing rhythmic structures, mastering complex movement sequences, reacting and interacting with dance improvisation themes, making reference to other artistic disciplines are some of the enjoyable challenges in dance lessons for young people. Self-image and self-esteem are given a good basis. Expressiveness and team spirit strengthen the social skills of young people.
The mental, physical and emotional balance gained in the dance classes supports the young people in their stressful everyday school life and creates a healthy balance. And the fun of dancing together sets in after the first “moves”.

The aim of our work with children and young people is:

  • Training of body perception, rhythm and musicality
  • Encouraging self-expression and natural creativity
  • Learning social skills in a group structure
  • Dance technique-artistic learning according to the individuals
  • Possibilities of the child or young people
  • Development of an awareness of artistic quality
  • Conveying self-confidence and tolerance for the new and foreign.

At our annual studio performance, you have the opportunity to get a comprehensive picture of my work and to be inspired by the dance choreographies of the children and youth groups.

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